white privilege


what is white privilege?

White privilege refers to the privileges afforded white-skinned people that are not afforded non-white-skinned people. It is the recognition and acknowledgement that white people and people of color are not granted the same opportunities, representation, and understanding within our systems. 



how do I know if i have white privilege?

If you are white or white presenting*, you have white privilege at least on some level. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stereotype and stigma that comes with being a person of color. And, although we have made progress in some areas, most of our systems have not caught up to the knowledge we have obtained to point to the contrary of said stereotypes and stigmas. Thus, privileges are afforded those who are not clearly people of color. 



do poor white people still experience privilege?

Yes. Absolutely, yes. Class is another way someone can experience privilege, so there are certainly ways that poor white people are marginalized. However, if you have white skin or are white passing*, you still experience privilege. Before reading the article below, please take a second to read about cisgendered versus cisgender. The link discusses transgender versus transgendered, but the concept is the same. Gender is not something that happened to us, but rather our identity. 



how does intersectionality affect the concept of privilege?

Intersectionality examines the ways in which the various layers of our personality work together to paint a complete picture of who we are. So, naturally, there are many layers on which privilege can play into our interactions with one another. Watch the video below for a visual representation of everyday privileges. 



*The article we chose to explain the concept of white presenting or passing used trans*. Please click here to learn why that asterisk is no longer necessary.