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Where Do We Go From Here?

The Awareness Project
within the seed of an apple
there lives an orchard invisible

Powerful Lecture Series/Organizing Event From:Duane Campbell
Author of the Explosive Book: From Preschool to the Penitentiary

Where Do We Go From Here?
"The Social and Psychological Cycle of Slavery"

Focusing on the present day and examining the social and psychological conditions brought from that genocidal era of American History; we seek to understand and conceivably transcend the self destructive mind set imposed upon us by a vicious and dehumanizing act of social, spiritual and psychological terrorism... 

Topics Include:
Self Hate/Self Love
The Psychology of Oppression
Criminal Justice/Injustice

"The most dehumanizing act of one man to another, is the intentional and absolute robbery of the self. To rob one of his faith, his history and his quest to dream is greater than any manmade prison"...

Page 42 : "Inner Development/Self Realization"
From Preschool to the Penitentiary (A Candid Examination of a Vicious Cycle)